Presentation of SOFRIPEF

SOFRIPEF has been created in April 1996 and has its office in Sousse in Tunisia. SOFRIPEF has a big clothe sorting center. The clothes are sorted in different article categories and packed up in bales. The bales are stocked in an adjoining building. SOFRIPEF has a huge stock of bales that get charged onto containers for international export.

Products: used clothes (all types of textile, jeans, leather…, household textiles), recycling of textile waste products, used shoes, wool fibers.



Contact details of SOFRIPEF

Z.I 4060 Kalaa Kebira Sousse – Tunisie

+216 73 343 587

+216 73 343 588


SOFRIPEF in figures

  • 21 Guerrisol stores
  • 2 warehouses
  • 16 000 sqm area
  • 170 staff members