Recycling policy

Production of industrial cleaning cloth

The Guerrisol group is specialized in industrial cleaning cloth recycling and production. Our cleaning cloth is used by different professions.

The products used for fraying

Fraying is a technique that enables to transform clothes and other textiles into fibers. This secondary raw material is used in various industrial areas.

Wool and synthetic fibers are very useful for industries such as the car industry and the main construction trades, especially thanks to their insulation properties.
They are also used as raw material in the textile and printing industries.

Example of application : Blankets for the military are produced out of frayed fibers.

Mission of common public interest

Environmental engagement:

Thanks to its recycling business, the Guerrisol group is linked to sustainable development and contributes to a positive impact on the environment.

Strong citizen engagement:

The Guerrisol group plays a major role in the policy of provision of work due to its collaboration with employment agencies in France and others countries.

Transit of the resources

First the goods are sorted in our warehouses. The purpose is to sort them according to the typology of the textiles (clothes, household textiles, shoes…) and the waste products (plastic, textile and paperboard).

The clothes are sorted a second time, in order to give them different quality levels and to air them in each article category.

These clothes are packed up in different packages: in bales (sorted out after quality, article and weight), Big Bags and bags.

Our clients can therefore choose the packaging that fits best their specific needs.

The bales are labeled for an optimum tracking of the delivery of the goods.


Eco TLC is a private non-profit-making company. It was born thanks to the determination of market makers and has been created by the actors of this sector, in order to provide a specification sheet adapted to the sector requirements.

Agreed in 2009 by the authorities, Eco TLC is the result of a multi-actor project. It relies on every participant of the sector of clothes, household textiles and shoes to be able to perform successfully its mission of common public interest.

It acts as a “bonding weaver” in order to hold this sector in a partner dynamic for progress and value creation: an innovative and sustainable model that acts as a motive power for economic, social and environmental action and performance.

That is why the Guerrisol group agreed to work with Eco TLC.

It enables the group to be a major actor in clothe recycling, to sustainably secure and develop its business and to boost the employment, in particular of people in difficulties.