Presentation of the Guerrisol Group

The Guerrisol group is a major actor on the market of used clothes and textile recycling. Clients of the group can get used clothes of good quality for extreme competitive prices.

The Guerrisol group collects, recycles and packs up used clothes. It distributes them into the Guerrisol chain stores and sells them also to other wholesalers everywhere in France.

The Guerrisol group is involved in the eco-friendly French recycling company Eco TLC ® by agreement.

Worldwide establishment of the group

The Guerrisol group has branches worldwide. The Guerrisol group is active on the French, German, Tunisian, Canadian and Guinean markets.

The Guerrisol group keeps growing in order to increase its market shares and to establish in other countries especially in the States.

Thanks to this development strategy, the Guerrisol group can adapt the supply to the demand and have a production capacity adequate to the requests of its clients: Quantity, Quality and Diversity.

Key figures



  • countries
  • 6 companies
  • over 500 staff members
  • 8 warehouses
  • 43 stores


Guerrisol, an environment-friendly group

The Guerrisol group is an eco-friendly operator that takes the environment issues within its production process into account. Its goal is to contribute to minimize the natural resource use and its impacts on the ecosystems.