Objective of the group

The Guerrisol group aims to become worldwide a major actor in the secondhand market and a reference in textile recycling (used clothes, shoes and home textiles).

It invests big amount of money in order to create new commercial partnerships (especially in America and Asia) and to establish in countries where the market of used clothes is in development (e.g. in Germany and Canada).


To establish in every continent (especially in America and Asia).

To increase and optimize our production capacity.

To gather the goods preferably at the very place where they are released, in order to offer to clients even better prices.


In 2014, we focus on store openings to strengthen the establishment in Germany and Canada.

Expansion project of Guerrisol stores in Paris region and Tunisia.

Guerrisol in figures

  • 5 countries
  • 6 companies
  • over 500 staff members
  • 8 warehouses
  • 43 stores

Constant evolution year after year

  • Constant progression of our business
  • Establishment in new markets
  • Increase of the number of Guerrisol stores
  • Rising sales volume